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Valhalla BaseCamp is a two-day, exclusive investment bootcamp + pitch night for entrepreneurs.

Valhalla BaseCamp has been delivered to over 1000 entrepreneurs worldwide in more than 15 countries across North America, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

An experienced investor/entrepreneur from the Valhalla Private Capital team will walk entrepreneurs through the ins + outs of raising capital while providing insight from the investor perspective about how to effectively pitch business opportunities. Valhalla BaseCamp is for entrepreneurs’ building + growing their business and actively seeking capital or think they may soon.

Next Valhalla BaseCamp in Okanagan coLab June 15-17, 2019 Register Here (Check Out the Early Bird Pricing).

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Over the 3 days of BaseCamp, entrepreneurs will:

  • Identify what kind of entrepreneur they are including vision and future goals
  • Breakdown their business including current business model, customers, market, traction, what stage of business development they are in and how to validate these components of their business
  • Review current available financing options (public v. private), discuss current investments in their business, the funding model, and identify which stage of financing they are in relative to their stage of business development
  • Learn what 6 components investors are looking for when investing into a company and what they need to pique interest
    • Knowing what problem is being solved and how it is being solved through product/service - is their product/market fit?
    • Breaking down customer profile, market opportunity, and sales/distribution to reach customers including current secured customers as well as the future opportunity and how to achieve it
    • Competitive analysis showing how the business differentiates to other organizations solving the same problem - what are current alternatives? how are customers solving their problem now?
    • With that, how is the business protected? Intellectual property? What are the barriers to entry?
    • Breakdown the team, how and why they can execute, and any areas needed to be filled to ensure the future success of the company; this includes Board of Director and Board of Advisors
    • Requesting capital - how to value your company and building a deal structure that is mutually beneficial for the entrepreneur(s) and the investor(s)
  • Throughout BaseCamp, companies will work on building out a pitch deck and practice pitching their business and how to ask for capital
  • Furthermore, a deeper dive into financing concepts such as valuation, capital tables, dilution (exit waterfall), distribution of returns, private capital hierarchy
  • Finally, understanding the perspective of the angel investor including motivations, expected returns, due diligence performed by investors, including putting the company in the shoes of investors
  • Entrepreneurs will also get the opportunity to:

  • Talk directly with real angel investors about what they look for in an investment, and how each investor is different
  • Form connections with influencers and active investors in the community
  • Create an Investor Deck and present to angel investors and community influencer's at pitch day

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