Building for and Structuring your Exit — for Entrepreneurs and Investors



(yes, lunch is included)

Creating and growing your company with your exit/liquidity event in mind.

For Entrepreneurs you will learn: how to plan for your exit / liquidity moments as you create and grow your company and how to avoid many of the common pitfalls that can leave you struggling.

For Investors you will learn: how you can help entrepreneurs and yourself to ensure you get your liquid return.

Topics of discussion:

    1) Exit Options
  • An overview of different exit options
  • Avoiding some common pitfalls when preparing for an exit
  • Some best practices on how to build your company so it is appealing to acquirers
  • 2) The Exit Process
  • Process overview including NDAs, Due diligence, etc.
  • Avoiding some common pitfalls during a transaction
  • Lessons from supporting buyers & sellers

Your Speakers:

Danny Way:
  • President, The Viridis Group and CEO, Vario Ventures
  • involved in 20 ventures to date ranging from nuclear energy to consulting, technology to industrial composting
  • Provides seed funding and angel investing, and supports ventures with knowledge and resources
  • Specializes in identifying the right next step for entrepreneurs and their investors
  • The goal is to free up investor capital and make the entrepreneurial lifecycle more successful as well as focusing on understanding the stages of the business and identifying the right partners, the right buyer and sellers, and the right sources for capital
  • James Mutter:
  • Former President of the Premier’s Technology Council.
  • Experienced board member of public and private company boards including QHR, Vecima Networks Inc, ProSmart Sports Learning Systems...
  • as CEO Jim ran a startup and continues to assist many startups on their path to success.
  • hands-on work with many mergers and acquisitions, fund creation, venture capital financing in a range of industries.
  • practising business lawyer
  • an active investor