A Capital Idea - Raising Capital from a Family Office


A Capital Idea - Hear from Microsoft's former CTO Strategist on His Recent Experience to Raise Capital from a Family Office.

A Capital Idea - Raising Capital from a Family Office

  • * What is a Family Office? How do you find them?
  • * How to best approach them and research to do.
  • * How do you work with them?
  • * Differences and similarities to Angel investors (due diligence, term sheet…)

In this installment of the A Capital Idea series, we’ll examine the rise of the Family Office and how to work with them in raising capital and the long term relationship.

Entrepreneurs : You’ll learn why and when to approach this capital source and how do you then ensure success for your early investors?

Investors : You’ll learn what could possibly happen to your position as new capital comes in with new terms attached and what happens if the Family Office invests with Angels.

A Capital Idea is a series of interactive lunch-and-learn sessions for entrepreneurs and investors. Feel free to sign up for all of them or just one - each session is independent of the others, but they all build on each other.

Your Speakers

James Mutter

  • Practicing business and technology lawyer
  • Former President of the Premier’s Technology Council of BC
  • Experienced board member (current and past) of public and private company boards including QHR, Vecima and ProSmart
  • Co-founder of a venture backed software company that raised over $30M
  • Former CEO of a fintech company
  • Hands-on work with many mergers and acquisitions, fund creation, venture capital financing in a range of industries
  • An active investor

Brodie Desimone

  • Investor, founder and Board member of SiteDocs
  • Owner and investor in a wide range of operating companies
  • Partner in Anrias Capital Corp: investing and advising
  • Former CTO Strategist for Microsoft


Thu, October 18, 2018, 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM PDT

Location: Okanagan coLab ,1405 Saint Paul Street, #204 Kelowna, BC V1Y 2E4 Canada