Why consider Valhalla Angels for financing?

Valhalla Angels provides a mechanism for entrepreneurs and companies to find additional capital through our membership of accredited & eligible angel investors.

While in the beginning, friends and family and your credit cards are likely to be your first investors, even the most promising businesses will require additional capital to achieve the next level of growth. Finding this capital can be difficult since most traditional funding sources consider startup or smaller businesses too risky. And whereas Venture Capitalists rarely invest in very early­stage companies, angel investors will often mentor you as an early­stage entrepreneur before they decide to invest in your company.

By doing this, angel investors can assist in shaping the new company before they give you the cash flow injection you need. Having ‘skin in the game’ encourages Valhalla Angels to help out in ways an institution simply cannot, which can be the crucial difference between success and failure for an early stage company. With an angel, not only do you end up with an investor who is comfortable with your risk, you get an investor who is going to help drive you to revenue as quickly as possible.

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