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The Valhalla Angels in-take process was extremely streamlined and it seemed that as quickly as we could get information and documents to them; they were able to turn things around and get back information to us and direct us to the next step. The Valhalla Angels group was instrumental in taking our Company to the next level - not just in terms of financing; which they did, but in mentoring, coaching and connecting us with critically important strategic business partners.

I would definitely refer the Valhalla Angels group to other entrepreneurs and investors and we already have.

Blair Wilson

Co-Founder of Forbidden Spirits Distilling Co.


I believe we pitched at the "inaugural" Kelowna event several years ago, and a couple of times since then. It is great to be able to talk about your business with local investors and also meet other companies pitching. A lot of our initial investment and some valuable advisors and board members have come through Valhalla Angels. This made a huge difference for wtfast; this is local investors, investing in a local company. This feels good, it is easier to see your money working for you, and it is nice to know you are supporting the local economy.

Since that initial investment, we have grown our revenues about 6x, and growing to about 20 high paying employees in Kelowna. We have secured funding from notable investors such as Nolan Bushnell (Atari), Jens Hilgers (ESL/Bitkraft) and Lance Priebe (Club Penguin). We have also secured deals with global companies such as ASUS, MSI and Gigabyte, with many more to come.

There are dozens of great companies in the Okanagan worth investing in. It is great to have Valhalla Angels as a channel to help connect companies with investors.

Rob Bartlett

CEO / Co-Founder

wtfast - The Gamers Private Network (GPN)

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I have referred many entrepreneurs to VA and will continue to do so.

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